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How do I Apply for a STEM Flight?

STEP 1: Watch the video above to get an idea of what STEM Flights is all about.

STEP 2: Read our FAQ for Students below.

STEP 3: Review the Available STEM Missions, and select the one you're most interested in.

STEP 4: Ask a trusted adult for a letter of recommendation.  

STEP 5: Apply here online

STEP 6: Someone from STEM Flights will reach out to you in the coming weeks to confirm your participation in the program

FAQ for Students


Q. How old do I have to be to apply for a STEM Flight? 


A. We work with students in middle and high school, so the age range is 11-18.  


Q. Why does my parent have to fill out the application? 


A. When providing services to minors (youth under the age of 18), parents or legal guardians must give permission for students to receive a flight experience. We also want your parent or guardian to support your desire to learn more about STEM and aviation careers. If you don’t have a parent or legal guardian available to help you fill out the application, please contact us directly and we can help you identify an adult who has authority to sign release forms for you. 


Q. Why do I need to submit a Letter of Recommendation?


A. We want your flight to go smoothly in order to give you an excellent experience, and to do so we want to involve adults who know you in the process. This gives our staff and Pilot Mentors a good snapshot of your student experiences, flight interest, and general STEM learning background.  If you don’t have a parent or teacher to write a Letter of Recommendation, please contact us and we can help identify an adult in your life who can speak for you. 


Q. What does the Letter of Recommendation have to include?


A. This letter should illustrate why the applying student is deserving of a STEM Flight experience and what it could mean to their future education and career choices.  


Q. How can I find out if STEM Flights is in my area?  


A. We have Pilot Mentors all over the United States and we are growing every day!  Our system alerts us when you apply and automatically searches your area for available Pilot Mentors. If there are none, we reach out to your local airport to try and recruit Pilot Mentors in your area. Sometimes this can take a few weeks, but we are working on it! 

Q. How much time does a STEM Flight take? 


A. From start to finish, your STEM Flight experience will take about 4 hours. This is an estimated time breakdown to guide you through. 

Online Application:  10 minutes

Call with Pilot Mentor: 10 - 20 minutes

Self study of online STEM Curriculum:  1 hour

Airport Meeting and Flight Experience: 2 hours (45-60 minutes of flight time)

Follow up Survey:  5 minutes

Resource exploration:  30 minutes


Q. What happens after a STEM Flight?


A. We will send you a follow up survey that is short and takes about 5 minutes to complete.  You will also be provided with online resources such as scholarship databases and STEM career information. 


Q. Can I take another STEM Flight?


A. You are more than welcome to apply for another STEM Flight Mission (choose a different one!) and will be paired with a Pilot Mentor when available. Keep in mind that first time applicants will usually be placed ahead of you.  You do not need to send a new Letter of Recommendation. 

Q. What if I have more questions about flying or STEM careers?  


A. You can ask your parent or guardian to reach out directly to your Pilot Mentor if you have specific questions about pursuing aviation in your city. Also you can reach out to STEM Flights to seek additional resources and support as you continue your STEM and aviation career exploration. 

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