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Student Ambassador Program


Do you have a strong passion for Aerospace or STEM? Are you a high school student wanting to have a leadership role in the world of STEM or Aviation?   Apply to become a STEM Flights Student Ambassador today! 


Overview of Our STEM Flights Student Ambassador Program:

  • Our STEM Flights Student Ambassador program is for students who are eager to become more involved in their local STEM community and who are passionate about Aviation, Aerospace, or STEM

  • STEM Flights Student Ambassadors further our mission by bringing awareness of STEM opportunities to students by sharing information about STEM Flights throughout their school and community

  • Student Ambassadors inspire other students to pursue STEM career pathways 

  • Becoming a STEM Flights Student Ambassador provides an opportunity to mentor younger students and to have a leadership role in the local school or community 

  • The Student Ambassador program is a volunteer program that can be applied toward the students’ high school volunteer requirements 

  • The main mission of a STEM Flights Student Ambassador is to encourage students in their school and community to apply for a STEM Flight and to get them flying.  By encouraging students to take a STEM Flight, you will be encouraging students to dive into STEM exploration and learn about STEM career pathways which connects with the STEM Flights mission


Benefits of Becoming a STEM Flights Student Ambassador:

  • Official STEM Flights Student Ambassadors are a part of our company and are eligible to claim volunteer hours as work performed for a national nonprofit organization. Great for resume building and volunteer hours for your nation!

  • STEM Flights Swag box including shirt, branded stickers, and other logoed materials. Wear your gear with pride in your community

  • Letters of Recommendation for college, flight training scholarships, or job placement from our founder and chairman, Brigadier General (ret.) Dave Brubaker and our Director of Education

  • Direct mentoring from our staff or board members - we can help you plan your academic, military, or aviation career pathways

  • Esteemed involvement in your community for being a part of a life changing program AND getting your friends free airplane rides. Everyone wins!

  • Social media features including tagging and sharing of your best photos to all of our followers

Requirements for the Student Ambassador Program:

  • Applications can be submitted year-round by 9th-12th grade students who have previously experienced and flown a STEM Flight 

  • Applicants must complete the Student Ambassador Application  and must also submit a 1-2 minute video explaining why they are interested in becoming a Student Ambassador for STEM Flights (please see below for information on how to submit the video)

  • Students will be asked to fill out and submit a time log quarterly that reflects the time devoted to the Student Ambassador program throughout the school year

  • Students will need to complete a 30-minute online training before beginning the program

  • There will be a goal for each Student Ambassador to recruit 5 or more STEM Flight students each quarter (students who submit a flight application)

  • Student Ambassadors will be asked to perform functions as a STEM Flights Student Ambassador for a minimum of 8 hours every three months

  • The Student Ambassador program continues each school year until the student graduates high school or for a minimum of one school year 

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and can be submitted at any point during the year 



All student applicants must submit a 1-2 minute video as well as a completed student application in order to be considered for the Student Ambassador Program.  


All video submissions must include:

  • Full Name

  • Grade/Age

  • City/State/School

  • Why would you like to become a STEM Flights Student Ambassador? 

  • What is your interest surrounding Aerospace or STEM?

  • Optional: What impact did your STEM Flight have on your STEM journey? 

  • Optional: Any additional information that would allow our team to understand your passion and enthusiasm for the world of Aviation and STEM

  • Your video should not exceed 2 minutes in length


For submission, please email your video to our Director of Education using the email address: with “Student Ambassador Application” in the subject line. Please include your name along with the video in the body of the email. 

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