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FAQ For Educators

Educators are a key part of our program! Teachers are encouraged to nominate interested students for participation in a STEM Flights experience.  

Q. What age group is appropriate for a STEM Flight?

A. A STEM Flights experience is ideal for students in middle and high school.  We believe that early exposure to STEM careers can shape future career choices for students.

Q. How can I nominate a student? 

A. We recommend that teachers share the online Student Application link with the student or parent guardian. All you are required to do as the teacher is to provide a letter of recommendation that the student will submit along with their application.

Q? What happens after a STEM Flight experience?

A. All students are automatically enrolled into our STEM Flight Following™ program which provides scholarship databases, mentoring opportunities, STEM education resources, and much more. Our mission is to provide students with next steps and answer the question "Now what?" after the flight experience. 

Q. How are Pilot Mentors vetted and trained? Do you have background checks in place to protect minors?

A. All STEM Flights Pilot Mentors must submit licenses, registrations, insurance documents, and pass our training course in order to fly students. Pilots are vetted internally and approved on an individual basis. Pilot Mentors also follow our Youth Policy which clearly defines regulations of youth programming. We involve parents/guardians every step of the way and communication and meetings only happen with a STEM Flights staff member or parent present. STEM Flights does not accept or use youth contact information. 

Q. What STEM topics are available?

A.  STEM Flights currently offers 6 distinct "Missions" that students can choose from.  Click  to see the STEM Missions currently available.


Q. Does STEM Flights have any third party accreditation?

A. STEM Flights is verified by as an Accredited Educational Experience. STEM Flights is also a corporate member of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).  We are also a proud member of the Air Care Alliance (ACA), Experimental Aircraft Association, Airplane Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), and Women in Aviation International (WAI). 

Q. How is STEM Flights funded?

A:  Private family foundations, grants, individual donors, and corporate sponsors. If you know an organization that would like to partner or support STEM Flights, we would love to meet them. 

Q. How are you incorporating drones and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into your program?

A. Drones and UAS along with electric aircraft are a thrilling new technology that is ever changing and always on the move. We love introducing students to all of the aviation careers that are available.  Our STEM curriculum discusses the important work that drones do and how students can enter into this exciting career field. 


Q. Can I take a STEM flight myself? 

A. Yes!  We love to fly with teachers so that you can get a sense of what an actual STEM Flight Mission looks and feels like for students. We encourage educators to take pictures and videos during the experience to share with your classroom. Many teachers build lesson plans around the aviation experience.  Simply email to request a flight. Please include your school information in the request. 


Q. Do you provide sample lessons for educators?

A. All of our curriculum is available online here.  We are currently working on lessons for educators to bring back to the classroom. If you have time to volunteer, we are looking for STEM teachers to help us develop this program. Email for more information.


Q. How can I integrate the STEM Flights experience into my classroom?

A. The best way to integrate a STEM Flights experience is request a flight with a local Pilot Mentor. STEM Flights is currently developing a program that will help teachers bring lessons back to the classroom. If you have time to volunteer, we are looking for STEM teachers to join our team!  Email for more information. 

Q. What is the cost for students or teachers to fly?

A. STEM Flights is a free program for teachers and students.


Q. Do you offer professional development for teachers?

A. Coming soon to a school district near you!  Email for more information. 


Q. Can I bring my class to the airport for a field trip/group mission with a mentor pilot? A. YES!  Highlighting your local airport community is something we are very passionate about. We can help connect you with the local airport and pilots in your area. Email for more information.  

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