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FAQ For Educators

Educators are a key part of our program! Teachers are encouraged to nominate interested students for participation in a STEM Flights experience.  

Q. What is the cost of a STEM Flight?

A. STEM Flights is FREE for students. 

Q: What age group can apply for a STEM Flight?

A: A STEM Flights experience is offered to middle and high school students.  We believe that early exposure to STEM careers can shape future career choices for students.

Q: How can I help a student get involved in the STEM Flights program? 

A:  We recommend that teachers share the online Student Application link with the student or parent/guardian and encourage them to apply at their earliest convenience. This is the first step toward getting students to receive a free flight experience! In order to expedite the application process, you can also write a letter of recommendation for the student if you feel inclined to do so. Every student is required to submit a letter of recommendation along with their application.  


Q: Would myself, my school, or my district hold any legal responsibility or liability if sharing your program with our students? 

A: No.  All safety, legal responsibility, and liability of the flight is the responsibility of our organization. You (or your school/district) would never be held liable in any way or in any scenario.  We have parents/legal guardians sign a waiver during the application process that ensures liability coverage for the student during their flight.


Q. What type of resources or curriculum can you provide for me to use with my students? 

A.  STEM Flights currently offers four exciting STEM "Missions" that students can choose from and within those missions, there are resources and aviation information available for your use.  Click to see the STEM Missions currently available.  We also provide a large library of educator resources in our STEM Flight Following database that are free for you to use!  Please visit:  STEM Flight Following to learn more. 


Q. Does STEM Flights have any third party accreditation?

A. STEM Flights is verified by as an Accredited Educational Experience. STEM Flights is also a corporate member of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).  We are also a proud member of the Air Care Alliance (ACA), Experimental Aircraft Association, Airplane Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), and Women in Aviation International (WAI). 

Q. How is STEM Flights funded?

A:  Private family foundations, grants, individual donors, and corporate sponsors. If you know an organization that would like to partner or support STEM Flights, we would love to meet them. 


Q. Can I take a STEM flight myself? 

A. We do offer a select amount of flights per year for educators. We love having the opportunity to pair educators with their students in order to receive a flight, so if possible please try to fly with a student in your classroom who has applied to the program already.  We encourage educators to take pictures and videos during the experience to share with your classroom. Many teachers build lesson plans around the aviation experience.  Simply email to request a flight. Please include your school information in the request. 


Q. Do you offer professional development for teachers?

A. Currently, we do not offer PD options, but our team is always eager to speak with educators, staff, or district leaders by way of a virtual conference in order to share more information about our organization and answer any questions you have! Please reach out to in order to schedule a time for us to meet with staff or leaders in your school or district.


Q. Can I bring my class to the airport for a field trip/group mission with a mentor pilot? 

A. YES!  Highlighting your local airport community is something we are very passionate about. We can help connect you with the local airport and pilots in your area. Email for more information.


Q. How are Pilot Mentors vetted and trained? Do you have background checks in place to protect minors?

A. All STEM Flights Pilot Mentors must pass a rigid background screening and submit licenses, registrations, insurance documents, and pass our training course in order to fly students. Pilots are vetted internally and approved on an individual basis. Pilot Mentors also follow our Youth Policy which clearly defines regulations of youth programming. We involve parents/guardians every step of the way and communication and meetings only happen with a STEM Flights staff member or parent present. STEM Flights does not accept or use youth contact information. 

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