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Student Application

All Student Applications must be completed by a parent or guardian.

Thank you for your interest in experiencing a STEM Flights Mission!  Our unique program has an important goal: to show the effect that early exposure to STEM education, STEM career pathways, and strategic aviation mentoring has on student participants. That is why it is crucial that parents agree to provide information on an annual basis about student education and career development. By participating in STEM Flights, you agree to complete a short survey immediately after the STEM Flight experience and then once every year after.



In addition to submitting the online application, we require a Letter of Recommendation from an educator, parent, or mentor of the student.  This letter should illustrate why the applying student is deserving of a STEM Flight experience and what it could mean to their future education and career choices.

Once we have received your application and Letter of Recommendation, a STEM Flights representative will be in touch with information on available Flights and Pilot Mentors in your area.

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