STEM Flights Pilot, Aircraft, & Insurance Requirements


STEM Flights Pilot Mentors (PM’s) are required to provide the following information prior to conducting any student missions. Once received and approved, each PM candidate will be interviewed by a STEM Flights Instructor and given a detailed briefing on policies and procedures for student interaction and mission accomplishment. PM’s are ultimately responsible for the airworthiness and safe operation of the aircraft they fly. PM’s are not permitted to give any flight instruction or demonstrate any flight maneuvers unless specifically noted in the approved Mission Checklist.


PM’s will provide copies of the following Documents (PDF):

  • Valid airman’s certificate.

  • Flight log showing 300 flight hours total time (minimum).

  • Current medical certificate.

  • Qualified and current to carry passengers in the aircraft you plan to use (log).

  • Proof of current biennial flight review. 

  • Proof of Aircraft Passenger Liability Insurance ($1M combined liability minimum) for the aircraft used (owned, rented, or borrowed).

In addition to the above documentation, PM’s must comply with the following: 

  1. Adhere to all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations.

  2. Conduct all STEM Flight missions during daylight hours and in VFR weather conditions. 

  3. Complete a Criminal Background Check.

Approved STEM Flights Aircraft: 

Must have less than 2000 hours since last engine overhaul.

Must have a current Annual/Conditional aircraft inspection.

Must be clean and in a safe & fully operational condition.

Upload Documents
Airman's Certificate
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Biennial Flight Review
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Copy of Log (300+ hours)
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Copy of Insurance Form
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Medical Certificate
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Aircraft Inspection
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