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Download and Print your Pilot mentor documents here

Your student and parent have already signed this waiver electronically, however you can print backups to have with you in case you need them or if you want to invite a parent to fly with you. 

The Pilot Mentor Checklist should be printed and brought the flight with you. This Checklist will help guide your STEM Flight Mission. Fill it out with the student. 

The Student Checklist mirrors the Pilot Mentor Checklist, but is intended for the Student to complete with you prior to the flight. Print this document and bring it with you. 

The Learning Objectives will guide you through simple maneuvers you can complete with your student to compliment the Mission of choice that the student selected. 

The Certificate of Completion should be printed and given to the student after completion of the flight experience. Don't forget to take a picture of your student and you holding the cert!

Please read and understand the Youth Policy. You don't need to print this form or bring it with you. 

Please read and understand the Emergency Response Plan. The ERP is also available on the mobile app. Printing this form and having it available and easy to access is advisable.  

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