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CERTIFICATION STATEMENT: I understand that by accepting and conducting a flight at the request of STEM Flights I am not acting as an agent or employee of STEM Flights and I am solely responsible for the flight as Pilot in Command of the aircraft. I certify that I will not accept or conduct a flight unless I have assured that there is full compliance with all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations including, but not limited to, those pertaining to: (1) the airworthiness of the aircraft to be flown (e.g. FAR Parts 23 and 46), (2) recent flight experience (e.g. FAR §61.57) and (3) medical certification (e.g. I possess a current medical certificate or “BasicMed” equivalent and have no medical deficiency as would prohibit me from acting as Pilot in Command under FAR §61.53). I will also not accept or conduct a flight unless the insurance on the aircraft is in full force and effect in accordance with the insurance declarations (binder) provided to STEM Flights and there are no policy exclusions that pertain to the flight.

I declare that all information provided in this pilot renewal application, and any information contained in my original application that is not updated here, is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and that no relevant information has been withheld. I authorize STEM Flights and its insurer to investigate any and all qualifications or statements contained herein.

This document certifies that I possess a valid pilot certificate issued by the FAA. I am not employed nor controlled in any way by STEM Flights. I am not flying for compensation or hire when I fly for STEM Flights as a volunteer. I assume all responsibility for any and all risks to myself or my property associated with my flight operations. I, and on behalf of my heirs and assigns, hereby release and discharge STEM Flights and all others associated with STEM Flights from any liability or damages whatsoever associated with my flight operations.

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