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Climate, Weather & Environmental Sciences


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What components of environmental sciences link to critical information for flight and aviation?

Research these questions using the websites listed below:

  • How do aviation operators rely on environmental intelligence?

  • Which STEM skills are critical for Careers in Environmental Sciences?

  • What types of High School classes or courses can you take to prepare you for a career in Environmental Sciences? What types of universities, schools, or colleges can you begin exploring?

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In this investigation, explore more about changes in weather patterns and how they have an effect on aviation or learn about the impact you can make when choosing a career in environmental sciences.

Option 1:

View Weather Charts here:

Study the change in  weather patterns for one full week.  Think about how these changes in weather impact flights.  Record the daily changes and share with your Pilot Mentor when you arrive at the airport!

Option 2:

Review this Time magazine website highlighting Climate and Environmental Science careers

When finished, write a paragraph, create a Google Slide presentation, or create a short video explaining how careers in Environmental Sciences positively impact our world. Share with your Pilot Mentor when you arrive at the airport.


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Answer the questions below and submit the form in order to complete your Mission Assignment.

This must be completed before your flight.

​​In addition to answering the questions above, please develop 3-5 questions you would like to ask your pilot mentor during your flight experience.  Type your questions below.  The questions you enter will not be shared with your pilot mentor, so please bring them with you when you participate in your flight experience. You may ask additional questions to those you type below, this is just a starting point to prepare for your flight experience.

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