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What impact do unmanned aircrafts have on Space Exploration?

Research these questions and topics using the websites listed below:

  • How can unmanned aircrafts positively impact our world and space exploration?

  • Which STEM skills are needed to engineer and operate unmanned aircrafts?

  • What types of careers are responsible for successful Mars missions?  

Learn all about the Mars Helicopter Ingenuity! Take your time to view the site; explore the Flight Log (and its photos), Anatomy, and Tech Specs to learn about this amazing unmanned aircraft and the science behind its development and success. Learn more about the NASA scientists who develop unmanned aircrafts and more about different robots that have been invented in Meet the Martians!



Ingenuity, the Mars Helicopter changed space exploration. Watch this short video showing the helicopter's first successful trip on Mars. 

When finished, choose one of the Investigations below to complete. 


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Answer the questions below and submit the form in order to complete your Mission Assignment.

This must be completed before your flight.

​​In addition to answering the questions above, please develop 3-5 questions you would like to ask your pilot mentor during your flight experience.  Type your questions below.  The questions you enter will not be shared with your pilot mentor, so please bring them with you when you participate in your flight experience. You may ask additional questions to those you type below, this is just a starting point to prepare for your flight experience.

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