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Commercial Aviation, General Aviation & Military Flying.


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What Pilot Careers are available to choose from? 

Research these questions using the websites listed below:

  • Which Pilot career interests you the most? Why?

  • Which STEM skills are critical to becoming a Pilot?

  • What types of High School classes or courses can you take to prepare you for a career in Aviation? What types of universities, colleges, or flight schools can you begin exploring?

  • What other types of careers are related to aviation?



The Four Forces of Flight

Learn about the Four Forces of Flight in the video.  Choose one of the Investigations below to complete to experiment with what you have learned.



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Answer the questions below and submit the form in order to complete your Mission Assignment.

This must be completed before your flight.

​​In addition to answering the questions above, please develop 3-5 questions you would like to ask your pilot mentor during your flight experience.  Type your questions below.  The questions you enter will not be shared with your pilot mentor, so please bring them with you when you participate in your flight experience. You may ask additional questions to those you type below, this is just a starting point to prepare for your flight experience.

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Aircraft Maintenance and Mechanical Careers

Another great career choice in the aviation field is aircraft maintenance.  Maintenance is one of the fastest growing career fields in aviation. Like pilots, there is a critical shortage of maintainers to keep an aircraft and its many associated systems operating. Technical experts that can work on multiple types of propulsion systems, avionics, and airframes are in short supply. The need for these skills grows exponentially as aircraft (manned and unmanned) continue to advance in complexity and sophistication. Today’s maintainers are so much more than the mechanics of only a decade ago – they are highly trained and skilled technicians that are the critical link to safe and efficient air & space travel. Whether you are interested in civilian or military aviation maintenance, you will find careers that are highly rewarding and financially lucrative in these career fields.


Learn more about Aircraft Maintenance Opportunities: 

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