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Core Values

What you see below are the guiding principles of our organization. We live these values everyday and they direct our team in every flight experience we provide. 


Core Ideology:

STEM Flights was founded by a US Military veteran and we are passionate about our Patriotism for this great Country. We believe in the inherent goodness of ALL Americans and place no group or individual above any other. Through selfless service to the community, we encourage, motivate, and inspire all kids to push beyond their limits - to achieve more than they believed possible. We use aviation and the universal language of science to cultivate the spirit of innovation in our youth and help develop STEM & aviation technologists of the future. 

STEM Flights Core Values


Helping Others 

  • We always consider others when making decisions

  • We always provide service and assistance beyond what is expected

  • We believe that ‘giving back’ is a responsibility of all

  • Everyone deserves kindness and respect

  • We are inclusive and understanding of others



  • Honesty is our guiding principle - always

  • We pride ourselves on being honorable and transparent

  • We always take the high road - never deceitful or deflect blame

  • Deliver more than expected - and expect nothing in return

  • Always honor promises - be forthright when things change


We are Passionate about what we Do

  • We believe in the people we serve and the service we provide

  • We love to talk about our mission and how it changes lives

  • We are proud of our Team & our Volunteers. 

  • We celebrate success and work together to overcome challenges

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Statement:  Just as our flight missions are unique and diverse, so are we. At STEM Flights we are committed to diversity and inclusion.  Not just for our growing workforce, but for the communities we serve- wherever we fly.

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