Volunteers & Officers

Carley Walker STEM Flights

Director of Development 

Carley Walker

With a background in aviation and nonprofit marketing, Carley is dedicated to providing enriching flight experiences to applicants. As a pilot herself, she understands the importance of introducing aviation and STEM career pathways to students.


Curriculum and Program

Zara Ryan

Zara’s passion for STEM education began early.  As a new college graduate, she taught Middle School and High School science to underprivileged students in Philadelphia, PA. She eventually transitioned to work for Johns Hopkins University, helping science teachers around the country gain comfort with teaching high quality, hands-on STEM lessons to their students.  Zara currently serves on her local School Board, continuing her pursuit of ensuring a quality education for every student. 


Volunteer Pilot

Rick Knight

Former USAF Fighter Pilot, Flight Instructor, and Airline Pilot.


Volunteer Pilot

Mark Walker

Private Pilot with a STEM focused approach.  


Volunteer Pilot

Trent Brubaker

Adventure seeker combined with over a decade of flying experience.